prosper girls basketball player Oliver wears a jean jacket for senior pictures with blue sky

Jordyn Oliver - Prosper Girls Basketball - Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits for Prosper Girls Basketball Player Jordyn

Jordyn Oliver dribbling between her legs in a suit on outdoor basketball court in prosper tx
Prosper Girls Basketball player, Jordyn, dribbles the ball between her legs in her stylish suit at an outdoor court in Prosper, TX

This is part two of Jordyn’s senior portrait session as we step outside to a friends outdoor court in Prosper. Jordyn wears #3 for the Prosper Girls Basketball team.

Back for Round 2

A while back we showed you the first set of Jordyn’s senior portraits that were taken inside the Arena at Prosper High School. Now we are back to show you what we did a few days later. Jordyn had a family friend that had an outdoor court for us to use for her photos. We got lucky with some amazing clouds to work with that day as you can see in the first photo. The Prosper Girls Basketball team is off to a great start for their 2019 season and Jordyn has been setting new records and achievements. This week she was named to the McDonald’s 18th All American West team which will be held in Atlanta in March. Congrats!!

prosper girls basketball player palms ball in hand wearing a suit in front of clouds
Palming the ball to the sky. Reminds me of a famous shot of Michael Jordan. Bringing that pro look to your senior portraits

Fashion Style for Jordyn

As we do with every photo shoot, we met with the family prior to the photo shoot to discuss our wardrobe for the day. We decided we wanted to do a few quick photos in the suit that we used in the previous photos, but then go on to a more casual fashion look for outside. Jordyn opted for a pair of stylish jeans with a white zippered track type of jacket. 

She finished the look with a pair of personalized sneakers that had her initials and name on them. She then switched for her third outfit, into her Baylor t-shirt and Prosper letterman’s jacket to finish out the senior photos.

jordyn sits by pool at home in prosper for senior portraits
Hanging pool side as we wind down the senior portrait session of this Prosper Girls Basketball player

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video

We have been trying to have behind the scenes videos as a lot more of my photo shoots. This was one of our first ones to feature that. Below you can watch a behind the scenes look at Jordyn’s photo shoot and all the setup and prep that goes into making it happen. You can also see how we bring a lighting assistant with us to make things go smoothly

Prosper Girls Basketball Season

The girls are taking control of the 6A Region 2 District 9 standings with a record of 7-1 and 23-7 overall. As we said, Jordyn was just named to the All American team and is ESPN’s #11 ranked overall player. What an accomplishment. It’s hard to believe that the regular season is already coming to an end with only 4 games left.

Upcoming games include:
Jan 25 7:30pm vs Boyd at Prosper
Jan 29 7:30pm vs Plano West at Plano West High School
Feb 2 7:30pm vs Allen at Allen High School
feb 5 7:30pm vs Plano at Prosper

prosper girls basketball player for senior portraits on outdoor court holds ball in arms
Jordyn poses with her custom shoes and basketball on an outdoor court in Prosper, Texas


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