byron nelson senior pictures

trophy club, tx

brice follows in the footsteps of his older brother and stops in for senior portraits

byron nelson senior pictures

Downtown dallas texas and The gym at byron nelson high school

A few years ago we had the pleasure of photographing Brice’s brother Courtland who was a senior at Fort Worth Christian Academy. Now it’s his turn! Join us below as we take a look at several of his senior portraits from downtown Dallas and at the gym of his high school in Trophy Club Texas.

byron nelson senior pictures in the gym

Our first stop in Brice’s two-day senior portraits was at the Byron Nelson High School gym in Trophy Club Tx. What a beautiful school that is. We have had a few other seniors from Byron Nelson but this was our first photoshoot that took place right at the school. 

The blue of the gym, the finished hardwood floors, and the unique landing of their bleachers provided a lot of spots for us to work. Brice looked sharp in his two outfits. One was a checker-patterned blue suit with a matching light blue shirt and maroon tie. The other was a comfortable-looking jogging outfit with matching pants and a hoody from Ralph Lauren. 

senior photographer in trophy club texas for boys basketball

I love the swagger and energy of the smile in this photo as we had him do some action-dribbling shots inside the gym. Gyms can be tricky for photos because they are much darker to our cameras than they might appear to our eyes. 

Luckily, we pride ourselves on being experts in lighting for this very reason. We can create our own light in these situations. 

byron nelson senior pictures with photographer jeff dietz in trophy club tx

The blue colored logo of the Byron Nelson Bobcats on the basketball court matched perfectly with his relaxed Ralph Lauren jogging suit. He looks like he is ready to star in their new ad campaign.

Here are a few more photos from inside the gym

byron nelson high school senior pictures in suit in the basketball gym
byron nelson senior pictures photographer jeff dietz in school gym trophy club
ralph lauren jogging outfit with byron nelson senior in trophy club texas

Let's Take it to downtown dallas!

For Brice’s second day of senior pictures, we went into downtown Dallas to some familiar areas. You will recall seeing his brother’s photos taken in some of these places as well as we carved out some new locations to make Brice’s photos his own. 

It’s been a great year for siblings. We have had 6 seniors this year where we have had their younger brother or sister come by for their senior pictures. It’s always great to see the family again.  

This part of Dallas has started to become part of our signature look. We get asked to go down here more times than any other request that we get. It really is an awesome location.
Pacific Plaza in Downtown Dallas
Byron Nelson Senior Pictures
trophy club senior pictures by photographer in byron nelson high

These two photos would make a really great wall art collection with both pieces hanging next to each other on the wall. 

byron nelson high school senior pictures in the city of dallas texas

I don’t know what this building actually is. Apartments maybe? But we use it all the time for it’s classic rounded corner and brick work. Brice looks like he is ready for the cover of GQ in this fashion inspired shot. 

byron nelson high school senior pictures

We find random things on our walk through downtown that provide a nice luxurious styling to our well-dressed seniors. By creating shots and backgrounds as we go, no two senior photoshoots look the same. Even when we are visiting a lot of the same areas. 

now this is style!

byron nelson senior pictures

byron nelson senior pictures downtown for men in dallas

For Brice’s second outfit downtown we have this very stylish yet relaxed white suit option. It features a knitted hoody for a shirt and finishes the outfit with a pair of brown shoes that work perfectly with the outfit. This is a new take on an old spot for us. This is the first time that I have been down in Thanksgiving Plaza and they have had these teal blue table and chairs. The water behind him for whatever reason was bringing a matching teal that I thought would make a great photo. The crossing of the leg is the pose that really brings this photo home and makes it one of my favorites for the shoot. 

Check out these additional photos with brice's relaxed suit

jogging suit with byron nelson senior in the gym

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