Dallas Prom 2018 - Vanity Fair Group Photos with Friends

Dallas prom group photos in Sherri Hill and Ellie Wilde gowns

dallas prom group photos in studio on a white rug with sherri hill gowns
All of the ladies are wearing various gowns from Sherri Hill. These gowns are absolutely stunning.

In our last look through of some of this Vanity fair inspired series, we look at the Dallas prom group photos. We have dresses highlighted from Sherri Hill, Ellie Wilde, Colors, and Faviana which were on loan from Terry Costa in Dallas. 

Dallas Prom Group photos - Taken to the next level

When you have dresses this stunning, the lighting and posing need to be at that same level of awesome. This lighting was learned by some of the tips and tricks of some of the masters and it was so much fun to work with. As you read in previous posts, we photographed this series at Camera Ready Studios in Dallas because we needed the extra space to fit the entire group in. We built this set from scratch with the help of Tony at Studio 347 in Dallas and Amy from the Texas Teen Models Official Magazine

Today we are going to feature all of the group photos to bring this series to a close.

From left to right we have dresses from Faviana, Ellie Wilde, Colors, and Sherri Hill

What to do with that dress now that prom is over?

Use it in an awesome photoshoot of course! Just because prom is over doesn’t mean you have to throw the dress away or put it in the closet. Take it back out and use it as part of your senior portrait session with us, or just for a standalone prom fashion shoot. 

The great part is, you no longer have to worry about it getting dirty before you show it off at prom. This opens up a lot more possibilities to what we can do with it and the locations we can go to. 

We are actually doing this very thing on Wednesday for a photo shoot at Arbor Hills in Plano. 

sherri hill gowns for dallas prom group photos with terry costa dresses
We mix in some of the guys during the Dallas group photos

Locations ideas to show off your prom dress!

Just a few quick ideas of the type of places that would be beautiful for a prom-inspired photo shoot
White Rock Lake Park
Dallas Arboretum
– A rooftop view of Dallas Skyline
– Arbor Hills in Plano
South Padre Island 
– The coastal Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (Oh yes, I’m not even kidding)

prom dates pose for group photo for vanity fair prom photos dallas
The entire group together with the Texas Teen Official Magazine crew
Dallas group photos of girls in sherri hill gowns in studio photos
One final photo of the ladies in their lovely Sherri Hill gowns borrowed from Terry Costa
mckinney photographer behind the scenes after prom group photos in studio
Behind the scenes photo with photographer Jeff Dietz after the shoot was a wrap

It's not to late to feature that prom dress!

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