Dallas Girls Senior Portraits fashion photographer in field red dress

Dallas Girls Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits of Girls with a Fashion and Creative Style

Dallas Girls Senior Portraits take on a new and exciting look with our fashion inspired sessions. The sky is the limit and just with the portraits for the senior boys, we want to learn what your style is to make photos that connect with you. 

Below you will see a variety of different senior photos that will hopefully inspire you with ideas for your own photos. We offer both in-studio and on location experiences. Just like in a fashion photo shoot, we invite you in before the shoot to make what we call a mood board of ideas that you like, discuss location, wardrobe and everything else you need to make your senior portraits a success. 

denton senior portraits of girl in sign shop in grapevine rustic windmill

Denton Guyer senior photographed in a rustic yard decoration store on main street Grapevine. A great example of how we can create something awesome in any location

lone star senior girl in sequins beige dress

A fun in-studio senior portrait with Lone Star student in our studio in McKinney TX

dallas senior girl wears teal prom gown in the woods for photos

This photo was inspired by the Twilight series when Bella and Edward are lying in the field together “sparkling”. We scouted the location for that same dreamy type of look. Most important in this photo is the light that we created.

southlake prom photos sherry hill gown with friend portraits

Prom photos do not need to be boring, with backdrops at the dance like everyone will have. If you go to any of the High school dances around Dallas,  you want to impress and have something amazing. You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect outfit, you should have photos that are just as stunning. Our High School Prom Fashion shoots can be done before or after prom, with your date, by yourself, or with a group of your friends. The dresses in this photo are from Terry Costa and are by designer Sherry Hill. 

mckinney north girls senior headshot style photo

Sofie, a McKinney North senior, came in for her studio portraits to compliment her fashion sports portraits that she had done earlier for Volleyball.

fun studio senior portraits in dallas with red back drop and vintage dress

Using one of the dresses that we have in our studio wardrobe, this is photographed at our studio in McKinney Texas. The red background is a perfect fit with this dress. She is now signed with Campbell Agency Modeling.

dallas girls senior photos vintage style red dress with flowers

A fun idea we had, inspired by a magazine spread in W Magazine. Playing with perspective and a bit of augmented reality can bring something very unique to your Dallas girls senior portraits. The addition of the flowers really takes this photo to the next level with her matching vintage dress.

denton senior portrait photographer jean jacket flipped collar

The jean jacket has made a roaring comeback. We have seen it used in a lot of senior portraits for girls this past year. A flip of the collar and a look into the camera really made a connection in this photograph. Denton Guyer Senior.

prosper girls senior stands on rock with jean jacket

The sky is the limit for this senior from Prosper High School. Jordyn is on the ladies basketball team. This is her second part of her senior experience, having done sports portraits with us as well. 

Dallas fashion photographer of senior girl headshot with hair blowing in face

Stunning blue eyes and the whisp of hair across her face really gave a different element to this photo. Also, it’s a great way to include her class ring. 

denton senior photos in downtown grapevine in summer dress

Denton Guyer senior is wearing a playful summer dress in our photo shoot in the city. We opted to photograph these in downtown Grapevine. The lighting we created is perfect.

dallas girls senior dancer by water overlooking the bridge

There are many senior girls who are involved with dance, and we love the elegance and grace that can bring to your photos. This was photographed in New York City near the Brooklyn bridge. Jaime has gone on to perform on America’s Got Talent as well as created choreography for Broadway and TV. We can do the same type of photos for your Dallas girls senior pictures.

dallas girls senior pictures with vintage styled dress

Another photo in our studio wardrobe. Vintage dresses and outfits really look nice in a fashion inspired photo shoot. There are many second-hand vintage stores where you can find some great outfits for your senior portraits. Check out The Groovy Coop in downtown McKinney for starters.

sundance square senior photos with christmas lights in background

This winter senior portrait is photographed in downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square. You do have to obtain permission to photograph right in the square, but there are tons of beautiful side streets nearby that work just as well. This photograph, for instance, was taken right on the edge of the square. The Christmas lights in the background helped give this picture that extra special element. 

dallas girls senior pictures in studio red dress vanity fair

Vanity Fair inspired these two photos with a basic backdrop. The stunning red ball gown really makes this photo, as well as the beautiful lighting that we created. Dallas girls senior portraits can be done in studio or outdoors.

lone star senior portraits with pink background

Lone Star High School senior photographed in front of a pink backdrop in our studio. The pink backdrop worked nicely with the soft elegance of the lace collared blouse.

mckinney north senior girl in vintage gown and sweater

Sofie also used our studio wardrobe for this vintage long skirt and lamb fur sweater. Sofie was a senior at Mckinney North High School.

lone star girls senior portraits in studio red pants white top

A fun outfit with red pleated pants and white ruffled crop top. The crop top has also made a come back of recent. This is way to work in that style without it being too much.

vintage senior portraits lake dallas with yellow hat

This senior portrait was taken at Lewisville Lake near the park in Little Elm. The vintage dress and cute flower hat go together nicely with the setting sun in the background. 

frisco prom dress sherry hill terry costa gowns two friends

These two friends decided to do a few photos together for our Sherry Hill prom photo shoot with dresses from Terry Costa

denton guyer senior prom dress photos sherry hill

Denton Guyer Prom photos in another stunning Sherry Hill gown. We don’t believe in doing boring photography, and prom is no different. 

lake dallas senior on a boat for pictures on the water

Lewisville Lake is a beautiful place for girls senior portraits. Since there are so many different areas to the lake, that also provides for multiple, never ending combinations for photos.

dallas girls senior pictures with motion blur dress effect

Photographed in-studio, this might be one of the most unique senior portraits you will see. This is done all in one photo, by moving the camera and holding the shutter open to produce this lighting effect. 

black and white of senior in plano texxas in mckinney photo studio

Black and white was the right choice to show off all of her natural curls in this photo. We really enjoy how her hair and lighting frame her face and draw your attention into her eyes.

studio senior portraits in flow dress and crystal necklace

You can, of course, do multiple outfits at your Dallas girls senior portraits. Here we mix a more playful summer dress with a fancier homecoming inspired dress and necklace.

mckinney north senior girls senior pictures with beauty lighting

Sofie, from McKinney North, wanted one look for her portraits that had a high contrast type of lighting style. What we did here helps bring out the shape of her face but also her blue eyes. 

southlake prom group photos with friends sherry hill gowns

At the end of our prom photo shoot with Terry Costa, we decided to do a few group photos. What a great idea to get your best girlfriends together and do a Vanity Fair celebrity inspired photograph together. 

Farm senior portraits in mckinney of girl in white long dress

Fashion meets the farm is a great look for a senior session. The richness of the grass, with the rustic nature of the barn fencing, can really lend itself to great scenery for a photo.

dallas girls senior photos in off shoulder dress and antique chair

Simple but beautiful pose using an antique chair we purchased at McKinney trade days.

casual senior portraits mckinney photo studio

A casual look for Megan’s portrait session in a nice red summer dress in-studio.

Dallas Girls Senior Portraits fashion photographer in field red dress

We will often find location ideas in the most unlikely of places. This patch of long grass fields is actually off in a corner of the Harold Bacchus Community Park. The patterned red and blue summer dress really pops out from the straw she is standing in.

Dallas senior portraits in red dress in studio

You can never go wrong with primary colors for our outfits. They pop off the print, especially with a studio backdrop look like this.

Dallas Girls Senior Portraits - McKinney, TX

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