McKinney personal branding photographer of local yocal on a farm

Matt - Local Yocal - McKinney Personal Branding Photos

Out on the Farm In McKinney Texas to photograph Matt from a local Farm to Market butcher and now restaurant in the Historic Square

closeup of farmer and owner of local yocal mckinney texas
Matt from Local Yocal poses for a few portraits on the farm with McKinney Personal Branding Photographer Jeff Dietz

We had the pleasure to photograph Matt and hear more about his journey owning Local Yocal in Historic downtown Mckinney. This editorial was featured in a local town magazine that Matt advertises with for a business spotlight. This is a type of photoshoot we call personal branding. 

Local Yocal Owner by McKinney Personal Branding Photographer

We were introduced to Matt while working for a local magazine that caters to individual neighborhoods in the Eldorado area of McKinney. My goal with the business spotlights that I was photographing, was to show area business owners in a setting outside of their business and get a little bit of a glimpse of them behind the scenes. 

It was a natural fit to photograph matt on one of the local farms that he works with to get his all natural steaks for his shop, Local Yocal. The farm was absolutely beautiful and was massive. We started in the early morning to get the first crack of sunlight as it stretching across the hill side. 

Dodging ‘cow pies’ left out as little landmines, we walked around the farm to get some of my favorite portrait photos that we have done so far for our Personal Branding photoshoots

mckinney headshot with cows in background on farm local yocal owner

The Cows Were Definitely Checking Out What We Were Up To - Mckinney Personal Branding Photographer

We had to be quiet as we were taking this series of photos, trying to get the cows to come up close to us for the phot but not be scared away in the process. We got them just close enough to where we didn’t have to take off running if they decided they didn’t like the flash that was going off. 

McKinney personal branding photographer of local yocal on a farm photos

Headshots on Steroids - McKinney Personal Branding Photographer

So what is personal branding? How is it different than a headshot photographer? Well as you can probably tell right away from looking at the photos, they start with being much more dynamic than the typical headshots in front of a backdrop. They allow the viewer, your potential clients, to see a more personal glimpse into who you are as an owner. 

They show off what your brand is about, the message, the style, and shows clients that you are a cut above the rest. Powerful professional branding photos can elevate the value of what you provide to your customers. It screams to them, this business person is legit, and their photos are of higher quality, just like their product is. 

Knowing the quality of what Matt sells in his Farm to Market shop in the Mckinney square, this definitely speaks to him. 

From the Local Yocal Website: “Meet our Meats – ALWAYS free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Specializing in Grass-Fed, premium Wagyu and DNA verified 100% Angus Beef”

You can almost taste that quality just in those words can’t you? 

mckinney personal branding headshots of farmer and market owner

New Restaurant in Town - Local Yocal BBQ & Grill - McKinney, TX

I am excited to see that they have now expanded and opened a new restaurant in downtown Mckinney called Local Yocal BBQ & Grill. The menu is full of yummy sounding food with burgers, sandwiches, and brisket. The dinner menu adds pork chops, chicken and steak. The options seem priced very reasonable with lunch sandwiches starting at just $12. 

Check them out at 350 East Louisiana Street Mckinney, Tx

McKinney personal branding photographer of local yocal on a farm

Check Out Local Yocal in Downtown McKinney

Head on down to their Market shop at 213 N. Tennessee St. McKinney Texas. Let them know we sent you! 

Guys, they also offer Steak 101 classes where you can learn all about different cuts and how to prepare them.