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Cole - A Boy & A Plane - Prosper Senior Photographer

Photographed at McKinney National Airport

Today is definitely a unique one for this Prosper Senior Photographer. We got to go out to the Mckinney National Airport and photograph Cole with some of the airplanes he takes lessons with as well as his jeep! Find out more below.

prosper senior photographer photographs student by plane with sunglasses
Cole in shades standing next to the wing of one of the student airplanes for his photos with Prosper Senior Photographer Jeff DIetz

Cole - Prosper Lacrosse, Flying Lessons, and His Jeep

Cole is a 2019 graduate of Prosper High School. We had previously photographed him with 3 of his Prosper Lacrosse friends for some team photos. We also photographed his friend Lee. So they called us up for Cole’s senior portraits and we started brainstorming ideas. 

Quickly we discovered that Cole takes flying lessons and impressively is close to receiving his license. Knowing that I had recently done a photo shoot with Richard with his car at another McKinney airport, this idea popped into my head about going there. 

The other thing that we knew we wanted to include was his Jeep. I thought that the backdrop of the tarmac and runways would make for a cool look for the photos with his jeep

Cole - The Wardrobe

What has become one of our signature looks as the premier Prosper Senior Photographer is the well-fitting suit. 

A dark blue suit, almost to the point of black with a hint of purple in the shirt and tie was the outfit number one for the day. 

For his second outfit, he went with a pair of comfortable jeans, a white t-shirt, and his lettermen jacket. This is a popular look for the second outfit because it is a great way to tie in more of the school experience and all of his achievements. 

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prosper senior photographer photographs student in a suit with blue skies and airport
prosper senior photographer with plane of student at the airport in suit
Cole posing next to a plane at the airport training center for his photos with Prosper Senior Photographer - Jeff DIetz

The Airplanes were Perfect!

It was as if we called the airport and asked them to have some stylish blue trimmed planes waiting for us like they knew it would go perfectly with our style for the shoot. We got lucky and got some great clouds that also matched perfectly. 

This wasn’t one of the planes that he practices with, but I liked it for the vintage look as well as the blue and red stripes down the plane. I thought that would give an extra visual element to the photos. It was a day with very high winds, so we just had to make that work with what we were doing and you can see that in the action of the tie and jacket. 

Prosper offensive lacrosse player jumping for team photo
Cole was a record breaker and part of the Prosper Lacrosse team that just won the State Championship

Cole's Record Breaking Lacrosse Senior Year

Cole was one of the starting players for the Prosper Lacrosse team that helped lead them to be crowned State Championships! He also broke a record this year for career goals. Prosper High School did a pretty awesome thing with retiring the jerseys of some of the senior players that were a part of the big win. The town even stepped in and named a day after the 2019 Prosper Lacrosse State Championship team. 

He was also a member of the Eagles football team. We are very excited for the start of the season at the new stadium. 

prosper senior photographer boy sitting on jeep in letterman jacket

Cole's Black Tricked out Jeep

His jeep was something that we knew we wanted to include in some of the photos. It is evident how much time he and his Dad put into customizing it and making it really look stylish. 

The flat land behind him made for a good scene like he had just gotten done racing it up the runway (which of course we would never do), parks his jeep to jump into his plane to take off on an adventure. 

prosper senior pictures prices metal wall art print

Artwork is the Most Important Part

As one of the best Prosper Senior Photographers, no photoshoot is complete until we pick out beautiful artwork that will hang in your home for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

This piece they purchased is a beautiful 40×40 metal collection in a floating wood frame. It gives the appearance that the photo itself is floating inside of the frame. It’s truly stunning and will look awesome hanging in their home. This mock-up of the piece of art does not do it full justice. 

prosper senior photographer student walking away from airplane in suit

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  1. Wow, you do an amazing job capturing his interests and how they relate to him. I love the story that goes along with the pictures. I should have gotten my senior pictures with you but I graduated 12 years ago.

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