3 Dallas Senior Portrait Location Ideas When Fields Are Closed


When access to fields and schools are limited, here is how you can still make it happen

Dallas senior portrait locations bastkeball player in downtown dallas bridge

3 Dallas Senior Portrait Location Ideas When Fields Are Closed


When access to fields and schools are limited, here is how you can still make it happen

3 Dallas Senior Portrait Location Ideas When Fields Are Closed

So what do we do during this time when fields, stadiums, and high schools are closed to get access to your Dallas Senior Sports Portraits? The real answer right now is, they may simply not be an option. We photograph senior athletes at schools all across Dallas Texas and we have come across this issue several times. Of course, where your son or daughter had their high school career is special and we would love to photograph it. But currently, we know this might not be possible. 

Don’t worry, we have answers! 

Below we are going to discuss 3 ideas for Dallas senior portrait locations for our Fashion Sports Portraits when we don’t have access to your school’s facilities

#1 - Let's Take it to the City

3 dallas senior locations for basketball senior portraits
Jake soars through the sky with his Dallas Senior portraits with basketball on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge - Dallas, TX

We have the luxury of living near a sprawling city with tons of diverse locations in Dallas Texas. Our first look at Dallas senior portrait locations is to go into the city! That’s right, abandon the field altogether. 

We started creating photos with this mindset a few years ago when we saw photo spreads being done in some of our favorite magazines like GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Vanity Fair. It’s a really fun way to take your sport off the field and mix it into the town you love! From the skyscrapers of downtown to the funkiness of Deep Ellum, to the picturesque views of Trinity overlook park, there is something for everyone.

You also aren’t stuck with just downtown Dallas. There are plenty of great city looks all across the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Frisco has become a miniature mega-city all to its own, McKinney has a small-town feel with it’s square, and Plano has a lot of the in-between. 

Here are a few more quick ideas for Dallas Senior Portrait Locations in the city

Here Are Additional Photo Examples

#2 - Practice Fields and Middle School Stadiums Can Sometimes Grant Easier Access

dallas senior location ideas at practice fields prosper texas
Devin is looking sharp on the practice field of Prosper High School for his Fashion Sports Football Portraits

The mega stadiums are certainly unique to Texas, but some of our best photos ever have been taken on practice fields and middle school fields. We really don’t need the gigantic stadium to make a great impact with your photos. 

Above we see a photo of Devin from Prosper High School photographed on the practice field at the school. Does it not look awesome? We do have the benefit that a lot of the practice and middle school fields are top-notch with well-manicured turf. 

One of the benefits over the bigger stadiums is that a lot of times coaches can gain us access to these fields instead of having to get permission from the school administration. A lot of the large football stadiums can also require a member of the staff to be present, and some times a fee must be paid to pay the staff to be there. 

We can’t blame them knowing how valuable the stadiums are. With kids and administrative staff being out of the office in our current situations, it is even harder to gain access to the larger fields than before. We do anticipate that this will get better going into the fall. But if not, the practice fields and middle schools make for a great alternative. 

Here Are Some Additional Photo Examples

#3 - Dallas Community Fields and Courts

dallas senior portraits for high school baseball
Community baseball fields can be a great Dallas senior portrait location when you can't get the school field

Another option for Dallas senior portrait locations might be to go to a third-party provider. There are many community fields and privately owned facilities that might grant access for a portrait session. 

Most of these venues are locked when not being used and may require a fee to rent them for the photoshoot. However, since they are not under the stricter guidelines of the school districts, they might be easier to gain access. They might also be in a situation where picking up a few hundred dollars in a rental fee could help them when kids aren’t renting the fields for games. 

Here Are Some Additional Photo Examples

Let us Help You Find Your Dallas Senior Portrait Location!

We have only scratched the service of all of the creative locations that we can use for your senior portraits. Let’s get together on a phone call and learn more about your son or daughter and create something truly one of a kind. 

Our Facebook Senior VIP group is a great way to start this discussion. You can also give us a call at 214-998-7001 or fill out our contact form here.