7 Ways to Get Your Son to LOVE Senior Portraits


Senior Mom's, have you had trouble getting your son's excited for senior portraits? Well, check out these tips!

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7 Ways to Get Your Son to LOVE Senior Portraits


Senior Mom's, have you had trouble getting your son's excited for senior portraits? Well, check out these tips!


Have you struggled to get your son to love senior portraits? Don’t worry, we have the answers! In this brief blog post, we will cover 7 ways to get your son to LOVE senior portraits! Read below

#1 - We Specialize in Senior Portraits for Guys in Dallas Texas

southlake carroll senior portraits of golfer ways to make your son love senior portraits
Jake was a golfer at Southlake Carroll High School. We photographed him at his favorite country club course.

We are the only senior portrait studio in Dallas Texas that specializes in photographing senior portraits for guys. We made this decision last year to switch to being the expert for guys when we saw that guys were not well represented in senior portraits. People were photographing their male seniors just like they would the females and this did not create photographs showcasing them at their best. 

Boys are different than girls, we can say that with confidence. The posing, styling, and even the approach to the shoot itself are completely different. How we interact with the guys and get them to open up and relax in front of the camera is something we have studied and worked hard to perfect. 

What we were also seeing with guys is that most photographers wanted to use a lot of heavy photoshop and composites in the photos. Fire coming out of baseballs or photographing them with dark water effects or flames seemed to be a common thread in a lot of what we saw. 

We don’t believe in any of that. Our work is natural. It is editorial in style and looks like it jumped off the pages of your favorite men’s fashion magazine. Our goal was to give senior guys a celebrity photoshoot experience as if they were already in the major leagues.

#2 - We Customize The Shoot To Them

dallas senior portrait by plane mckinney ways to make your son love senior portraits
Cole poses next to one of the planes he takes flying lessons on at the McKinney Airport

We take the time to talk with you as his parent and learn more about what he is interested in and what would make a great senior experience. When we can get the student to have some input into the planning, they are more connected from the beginning. 

Of course, when booking one of our Fashion Sports Portraits, their passion is going to be surrounding their sport. We have so many ideas for athletes that can take place on or off the field. If you haven’t done so yet, check out our article on 3 Dallas senior portrait location ideas when fields are closed.

Here Are Additional Photo Examples

#3 - We Help Them Look Awesome and Stylish

prestonwood christian senior portraits ways to make your son love senior portraits
Riley from Prestonwood Christian Academy is looking sharp in his all black suit with satin accent lapels and golden Gucci belt

The most popular outfit for our guy’s senior portraits is a nice fitting suit. It really sets our senior portraits apart that the guys love to look stylish. We are here to help you as you go shopping for a new outfit or need advice on what will look the best in photos. 

Typically students will use two to four outfits for their Dallas senior portraits. The first is usually a suit. The next outfit is recommended to still be fashion-forward and stylish but more relaxed than the suit. This could be a nice pair of jeans and button-down shirt, a layered look with a jacket, or many other combinations. 

The third outfit is where the guys will mix in their sports jersey or letterman jacket. Some students will use this outfit to celebrate where they will be going to college with some spirit wear in the form of a t-shirt or school colors. 

To get more ideas, see our Men’s Style Guide for Dallas Senior Portraits

#4 - We Know How to Pose Guys for GQ Style

prosper senior portraits of wrestler ways to make your son love senior portraits
Rylan was a star wrestler for Prosper High School. Here we show him how to pose in a GQ fashion with his medals.

One of the biggest fears we hear from senior guys is that they don’t want to look cheesy or to be in a stiff pose. Our relaxed style of flow posing is based on an editorial style to make people look relaxed and real inside of the environment that we are in. 

We find that people will naturally put themselves in a position that they are most naturally comfortable in. This tends to get us 70% of the way to a great pose by just allowing them to be who they are naturally. We then finesse the pose with small tweaks to make them look their best. 

Being an expert in men’s photography allows us to study and know what makes a guy look his best in a photo. Poses that are masculine and emphasis their best features help make the photo go to the next level.

#5 - Get Them in the Action

mckinney senior portraits ways to make your son love senior portraits, pitcher
Zach works the mound during his McKinney North Senior Portraits

With athletes and our Fashion Sports Portraits, there is no better way for your son to love senior portraits than to let them do what they do best. If they are a pitcher, let them pitch. If they are a quarterback, let them through. 

This makes our job easy and we just have to find a way to make it look awesome! Above you see Zach throwing a few from the mound at the Mckinney North baseball stadium. This is definitely not an easy photo to get. It takes timing and knowledge of lighting to be able to pull off a shot like this. It takes several takes but we get our shot!

In the shot above, we had Zach’s younger brother act as our catcher. They can also invite a friend or father to take part and help out. 

Here Are Some Additional Photo Examples

#6 - Invite a Friend to Be A Part

Allen senior portraits ways to make your son love senior portraits
Two Allen Football Seniors pose at the stadium as friends.

Why not invite a friend? They don’t have to be in the photos. They could help your son catch a pass, toss some grounders, or just be there to make your senior feel more comfortable. Some people open up more when they are around their friends but some of this could have the opposite effect. So it’s important to know your senior in this regard and we can talk about which would be best for them. 

Above you see two Allen High School Seniors that did a few photos together during their portraits at Allen Stadium. They were both members of the defense together and became friends on the team. 

#7 - Have Your Family Jump in a Few Photos

prestonwood christian senior pictures with family ways to make your son love senior portraits
Riley walks with his two sisters during the second part of his senior portraits. Photographed in downtown Dallas Texas

If you are very close with your siblings, you can have them join you for a few photos at the end of your portrait session. Make this into a mini family portrait session! Above, Riley had two of his sisters join him for some fun photos in downtown Dallas Texas. You can see the love they have for each other as they interact and walk down the street. 

Let us Help Your Son Love Senior Portraits!

plano senior portraits of boxer ways to make your son love senior portraits

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